Mark Van Overmeire

Mark Van Overmeire

Composer - Classical Music & World Music

Mark Van Overmeire is a storyteller. His music is an imaginative fusion of classical music, world music, ambient and folk with colorful cinematic moods.

Beautiful and evocative, Mark's music is, according to Henri Brun from KRTU, "a mixture of world music and elegance all in one."

Mark's latest offering is the classical music & world music CD "Angkor". The music on "Angkor" is inspired by places and events in Southeast Asia.

All music on "Angkor" is composed, orchestrated and produced by Mark. The music is performed by the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra. Guest musicians, such as Grammy Award winning drum legend Dave Weckl (known for his work with jazz icon Chick Corea) and avant-garde cellist Arne Deforce, participate on "Angkor".

Mark is currently composing works for 2 music productions. One will feature works for classical guitar. The other works for choir & orchestra.

Performing Rights Organisation: BMI


All individual parts of the full scores are available for free upon request.

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